Hotel Tuanis Jaco Beach Costa Rica

H otel Tuanis in Jaco Beach Costa Rica is a unique family owned and operated residence Costa Rica Hotel that caters to all your needs while traveling in Jaco Beach. Cleansiness and personal service are the top priorities here at Tuanis Jaco Beach because we want you coming back to us every time you pass through Costa Rica. Hotel Tuanis provides accommodations for the single traveler, couples, families, large groups and Especial Events. Tuanis Hotel Jaco Beach is an Earth and Environmentally friendly place. Tuanis Aparthotel offers single and double bed hotel style rooms. Also one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments fully equipped with granite countertop kitchens. If you want to stay in a Jaco Beach Hotel at a Affordable Price and get the service that you deserve, at the same time slowdown your carbon footprint, then Tuanis Aparthotel is for YOU!!!
Hotel Tuanis is perfectly located only one hour from San Jose on Calle Sol D’Oro just 50 meters from the deep blue Pacific Ocean of Jaco Beach Costa Rica. If you are a surfer,then Hotel Tuanis in Jaco Beach is for you!!! The waves directly in front of our hotel are great for every caliber of surfer. From the beginner to the expert. World class Playa Hermosa is less than 10 minutes away and Esterillos just 15 minutes. Boca Barranca is 45 minutes from our Hotel for all you long boarders.The Los Suenos Resort and Marina is a 10 min. drive from us for your deep-sea sportfishing adventures. The center of Jaco Beach town is steps away for all your shopping needs. Many fine restaurants are close by such as “Paparazzi”. Paparazzi is a tantalizing little Italian restaurant directly across the street from us that will send your taste buds dancing home. The owners of Paparazzi also grant our clients a 5% discount when you dine there. The Platino gymnasium is a 2 min. walk from Hotel Tuanis if staying in shape is part of your daily routine. Beautiful Manuel Antonio is one hour south from us, a must see, and Puntarenas, the gateway to the Guanacaste and Mal Pais, is just one hour north of Tuanis Aparthotel. If you’re one of those people that don’t want to bother with a car and all the problems and costs that go along with it, then Tuanis is for you!!!

No Car needed here, we are just at 50 meter from the beautiful Jaco beach!

What does Tuanis do to be Earth friendly?

  • Hotel Tuanis Jaco Beach uses approximately 80% biodegradable cleaning supplies.
  • Tuanis Hotel has a glass paper and plastic recycling system in Jaco, Costa Rica.
  • The Tuanis Aparthotel uses only high-efficient air conditioning systems using only Puron gas that doesn’t harm the ozone layer.
  • Our Hotel in Jaco has a high efficient Pentair pool pump that only uses 10% of the energy compared to a conventional pool pump.
  • The Tuanis Hotel lighting systems are all super low wattage fluorescent lighting.
  • Hotel Tuanis hot water is heated by only high efficient German made heating systems.
  •  We have a vision to be completely off the grid and one day run our Hotel from solar energy, becoming the first Green Hotel in Jaco Beach Costa Rica.

Hotel Tuanis Rates

ACCOMMODATIONS (Breakfast Included) (Breakfast Included) (NO Breakfast Included)

Apartment A1

$150 (4 Pax) or $190 (6 Pax)  $160 (4 Pax) or $195 (6 Pax)  $190 (4 Pax) or $230 (6 Pax)
Apartment A2 $90 (2 Pax) or $110 (4 Pax)  $100 (2 Pax) or $130 (4 Pax)  $115 (2 Pax) or $130 (4 Pax)
Apartment A3 $130 (4 Pax) or $150 (6 Pax)  $140 (4 Pax) or $180 (6 Pax)  $150 (4 Pax) or $190 (6 Pax)
Apartment A4  $130 (4 Pax) or $150 (6 Pax)  $140 (4 Pax) or $180 (6 Pax) $150 (4Pax) or $190 (6Pax)
Hotel Room H-1  $60 (1-2 Pax)   $70 (1-2 Pax)  $75 (1-2 Pax)
Hotel Room H-2   $75 (2 Pax) or $90 (4 Pax)  $85 (2 Pax) or $120 (4 Pax)  $95 (2 Pax) or $130 (4 Pax)
Hotel Room H-3 $75 (2 Pax) or  $90 (4 Pax) $85 (2 Pax) or $120 (4 Pax) $95 (2 Pax) or $130 (4 Pax)
Studio H-4   $90 (2 Pax) or $120 (4 Pax) $110 (2 Pax) or $130 (4 Pax)  $120 (2 Pax) or $140 (4 Pax)
Hotel Room H-5 $80 (2 Pax) or $120 (4 Pax)  $90 (2 Pax) or $130 (4 Pax)  $100 (2 Pax) or $140 (4 Pax)


Tuanis Aparthotel Amenities:

Every Accommodation on Tuanis Hotel in Jaco Beach is Equipped with:

  • Hairdryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Super Friendly Service
  • Just 50m From the Beach
  • Free Unlimited Calls to USA and Canada
  • Walking Distance to Supermarkets. Restaurants, Gyms and Nightlife

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Hotel Amenities

Costa Rica Hotel in Jaco Beach


24 Hours

Costa Rica Hotel in Jaco Beach

Safe Boxes

in all Rooms

Costa Rica Hotel in Jaco Beach

Parking Lot

100% Private

Costa Rica Hotel in Jaco Beach

Hot Water

in all Rooms

Costa Rica Hotel in Jaco Beach

Free Wi-Fi

Wireless Internet

Costa Rica Hotel in Jaco Beach

Swimming Pool

and Lounge Area

Costa Rica Hotel in Jaco Beach

Air Conditioning

in Every Bedroom

Costa Rica Hotel in Jaco Beach


Cable TV

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